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Selling Hotel in today's Market requires:

  1. Its best to take one step at a time to climb the ladder of success rather than do too much at the same time. Professional matters take time to resolve and it’s best to distance your self from them so you are able to mediate and focuson day to day quality hotel operations one of the essential keys to optimum valuationsof your hotel.
  2. Exclusive listing your property with a brokerwho hasa professional imageand is well versed in utilizingcurrent Lodging Trends, Statistics and Data Banksfor over45 years of brokerage practicerefined by CHB education
  3. Our higher level of participation in your local as well global lodging market,HBI brokerage community, Title Companies, Conventional and SBA lenders and continuinghotel brokerage education.
  4. Training
    • to analyze your hotel to the extent of optimum selling price.
    • to select best price, time andmarket that results in maximum buyer interest and highest possible offers to choose one from.
    • to create innovative marketing presentation that increases buyer appeal.
    • to create right selling strategythat secures the highest return.
    • to marketyour listing through total exposure to a right publication or discreetly on a restricted, anonymous basisto selected buyers.
    • to tap into infinite qualified buyer basethat exceeds 10,000 active buyers with a high level of trust in the professionalism and expertise of HBI.
    • to negotiate in a highest canons of ethical standards with clear focus on business issueswhile exercising a great deal of toleranceto personality issuesarising whilesale begins or ends.
    • to use internet to research and sell a hotel fast.
    • to be sensitive to business confidentialities.

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